Friday, January 8, 2010

Safety Concerns...

Safety Concerns for Black Folk…
*Never Drive with your car door unlocked.
*If you are stopped by the police, be cooperative. If the policeman cops and attitude get his or her badge number and write it down as soon as possible. If you feel you have been abused physically or mentally, you have a right to file a complaint and should do so.
*Hang with friends who are working or in school and who stay out of trouble.
*Don’t DO Any Illegal drugs, not even pot. (Pot can be laced with GOD Knows What and can be very dangerous for that reason…)
*Don’t be hateful towards other races of people. There are bigger reasons for everything you and I see in life.
*Don’t join the Army or any other branch of the armed forces. The danger is not worth the pay check. Get a civilian job after you get a good education or start a legitimate business.
*Don’t get into a car with someone driving or any passengers you don’t know. They could have serious bench warrants out on them and get you (be it unwittingly) into a lot of trouble!!!
*Don’t be scared to say hello to a policeman, but don’t get too friendly either.
*Don’t walk around with your pants down. People will this poorly of you.
*Drink only in moderation. Don’t drink at all if you are on medication unless you have your doctor’s permission!!
*Don’t act out violently unless it is a last resort and you are acting defensively.
*If you are being bullied, beaten or raped by your wife, girlfriend, cousin, uncle, aunt, boyfriend, mother, father, stepfather or husband, call a social service agency when you get a free moment by yourself. If you have to dial 911.
*I know this is a hard one, but try NOT to beat your children. You can get reported to Child Welfare and lose custody of your child. This can lead to a procession of events that can be financially and emotionally devastating. Please be careful.
*Be careful when handling money if you have a business or even if you are just pulling dollar bills out in a store.
*If you are under 16--DON’T Talk To Strangers!!
*Stay in school and do the very best you can. This can determine if you spend time in jail or in college or get a good job.
*Stay OUT of drug infested houses or crack houses.
*If you have some adventurous friends who like to do wild and crazy things, get some NEW friends!!
*Drive slower than most and error on the side of safety.
*Don’t eat fish with bones, if you do--eat slow and watch for the BONES!!

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