Friday, January 8, 2010

A Life Lesson!!

A Life Lesson that Lasted!!

When I was about nine (9) years old I was walking home from school and the devil got into me. I wanted to be the cool, Big Bad kid so I grabbed another boy’s head and laughed out loud. I was feeling fine for about five seconds when an adult grabbed my head and said how do YOU like that? I looked up and saw a tall Black man and was frightened to death. I knew I had no business accosting or bothering my young peer, but I couldn’t help it—the Devil made me do it, as Flip Wilson used to say. I learned a lesson as the adult did the same thing to me. The adult just walked away. To this day I don’t know who he was or anything. He was a responsible Black adult male—that’s who he was… It was a simple lesson, but one I have held on to for forty three (43) years. Today we must take care to teach our children such lessons because they are being led astray by the media, the government at all levels, strangers and other forces we can’t control. So, if you get a chance, don’t avoid ANY issues that come up with your child. Sit them down and talk. You could save yourself a lot of grief later. You could be saving your child’s life.

With Love & Respect,

From: Brother Tracy Gibson…

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