Wednesday, January 13, 2010


White Breck Girls Flicking Their Hair on TV

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Give me a break!! If I see another White Breck Girl flicking her hair on TV I think I’ll just have to flick the channel or turn the whole damned thing off... Has there ever been a Black Breck Girl? I don’t think so and our women and young ladies have been buying that shampoo for decades. The lack of Sisters (Black women) on TV commercials flicking their cornrows, lathering up their bushes and or washing their other natural hair configurations is appalling. I want to see some Black women with long natural kinky hair washing it on TV!! AND NOW!! I call on Sister Michelle Obama to stop pressing her hair, ware it natural and ask that more such natural hair styles for Black women be put on TV. I call on our Black actresses to do the same thing. I am a Black man, but I love natural hair. Where is it on TV? Many of our women who get on TV are too busy trying to look as White as possible and that includes how they wear their hair. . . We are continually White Washing our culture out of our hair, our school books and our minds. Michael Jackson, the proclaimed King of Pop, was even accused of bleaching his self white—although he denied it profusely before he died. He claimed he had a skin disease. Meanwhile, we demand to join the Bling Bling generation of often mindless drivel on the tellie. Come on Beyonce Knowles—Stop pressing and get real!! Your real natural beauty is yet to be realized. Check out old pictures of Angela Davis and the late, great Nina Simone. We need our successful Sisters to be real role models for our young girls—not plastered pressed, cookie-cuter images of our oppressors. Our real beauty & our real selves will be realized when we look to Africa and what is real and natural about the continent and ourselves, not through tryin’ hard to look like or be like Europeans. Maybe Breck and some of the other White Owned shampoo companies should be—dare I say it—BOYCOTTED until we see some better, more wholesome, kinky-haired, natural images of our Black women portrayed on TV and the movies!! I’m tired of the weaved, waved, straightened, conked or laid to the side look of our oppressors being slapped on Brown and Black heads. Where are the sisters on TV and in the Movies with cornrows, kinky hair or the natural look? I ask myself this every time I see a Breck Girl!!!

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