Saturday, January 9, 2010

Message to Nancy Reagan....A Whole Lot More.....

A Message to Nancy Reagan: Just Say ``NO’’ to Drugs? …………It Ain’t that Easy…. And a whole lot more………

In a sense, Nancy Reagan had it right. Her slogan was to ``Just Say No’’ to illegal Drugs!!! It was thought that this would get the drugs off the streets and out of the bodies of innocent, hard working Americans. Unfortunately in the Black community, where we are most concerned with, it ain’t that easy. Illegal drugs are part and parcel to the community. The illegal drug trade is part of the economy. They provide jobs, be they illegal jobs, for our community drug dealers and illegal drugs also give cover to the powerful influences who want to see our men and women go straight to jail. Some of those ``powerful influences’’ can be traced right back to people who think like, guess who, Nancy Reagan and the White racist who think just like she does in Washington and throughout this Nation. So Nancy, it ain’t that easy. Living in the ghetto can cause hopelessness because there often aren’t enough jobs, housing, food, services, hope, love and respect to go around. Education can and often is inferior and not a priority for children or parents. Fathers, as leading household figures, mentors and leaders, are often not present and accounted for. Are you getting the picture Nancy? It is people like you and your many White racist, ignorant friends who hoard money and take and take without giving anything back to the Black community that is really at the root of the problems of the inner cities. Understand Nancy!!. When hopelessness abounds and there are few stable jobs, it becomes easier to get hooked on drugs because your entire purpose for life is disrupted, co-opted, snatched away and corrupted. Often it is White Drug King Pins who make most of the money—hard cold cash--from the illegal drug trade in our community. Why does hopelessness abound? Because you, Nancy and your White established friend own the stock in the companies in our community that provide jobs for people who have multiple degrees. Often Black people don’t have the mechanisms and support necessary to get such degrees. Are you just beginning to understand now Nancy? When the fathers ain’t there, Nancy, now get this, the whole job of raising the children falls on the mother and the grandmother if there is one. Fathers are often in jail for committing crimes to get something for their families or on, you guessed it, drug charges—are you beginning to see the cycle, Nancy? You brick headed bitch! So when the mother goes out to work she leaves the job of raising the children in the hands of the grandmother. Often, the grandmother is pissed about this, but does the best she can while the mother works. The mother can’t afford Day Care because there are no supports from the government—state, local or Nation wide—to support Day Care because the Republicans like you and the ones you support always cut that out of the budget. Are you getting this Nancy? So the grandmother in her waning days tries to care for the young children. Now if she gets frustrated because the children have needs that her social security or welfare check can’t handle, we Black activists just hope to Hell she doesn’t turn to drugs or booze herself because then the state will have to take over and the children will possibly be raised in a foster home with no real Dad or Mom—unless the mother wants to take them over, but then she loses her job. Foster care is also notorious for the abuse and mistreatment and neglect of, you guessed it, Black and poor children!! Are you seeing the cycle Nancy? Much of this happens because the jobs are hoarded by White males as Black men and sometimes Black women are locked out due to these circumstances and no financial help from the government or anyplace else. Sometimes Black men of high school age don’t read well or fill out forms well so even if they want to go to college, with no parents in the home to take leadership roles, they can’t fill out the forms for college, do the paperwork, get the applications and so forth. Now are you beginning to see the impact of your husband’s budget cuts and why Black people DON’T see him as a hero like you White folks do, Nancy? Are you beginning to understand honey? This is why so many Black people go to church to pray, this is why we are in jail instead of in school. Not to mention that in school, we get the same old crap about how great White folks are and how you invented everything from mayonnaise to Mount Rushmore. How many lies can you serve up anyway? You never mention slavery, colonialism, what Black people did before there was slavery to contribute to the world and world history and what you and people like you did to the Native People in North America. You spew out a much distorted view through your historical analysis. We consider much of your schooling crap. And that is exactly what much of it is. Crap!! Bull Shit!! You forgot us and you continue to forget us. I know you are old Nancy and I should respect elders, but in your case I can’t do that. You may even be dead before this book comes out, but you get no respect from me!! Oh, that’s right, some more Republicans on the local, state and national level voted to keep Black people out of history and make it all White dominated again. What the heck were we doing all throughout world history anyway? I guess we were just lollygagging, shuffling and jiving like you had that good ole slappy Ben Vereen do at your first inauguration back in 1981, isn’t that right Nancy? I was surprised he wasn’t in White Face!! I guess you would have liked that Nancy. And then you wonder why so many Black people got mad under their breath when they named the National Airport in Washington, D.C. after that damned racist husband of yours!! Well, now you are beginning to understand aren’t you Nancy!! And what are you and your friends doing right now while we have a Black President? Up to your same old tricks and backhanded mischief--talking about how everything is so expensive and the Health Insurance Bill is too expensive and the Recovery Act is too expensive. Your friends are doing everything imaginable to undermine what he is trying to do, and we are suppose to think you are NOT racist??!! Well, if you started to invest in people instead of the military, the war machine, the Pentagon and other objects of hate, destruction & repression, well, we wouldn’t have such a big international campaign of hatred against the U.S. all over the world now would we and we would have more people working together, working and living peacefully. But no, you and Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mitch Mc Connelly, Charles Krauthammer, many other Republican Senators (Like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina [who by the way needs desperately to be defeated at the polls]); & Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky (another one who is begging to be defeated at the polls); & Congressmen (Such as most Republican Congressmen and Republican Congresswomen—they need to be defeated at the polls because they continue to hold back progress and create a chilling effect on the things we as Blacks really strive for such as our natural born rights to be real free Americans) ; Clarence Thomas; Ward Connelly; and State Senators (from Pennsylvania) Mr. Joseph B. Scarnati III, Mr. Mark R. Corrigan & Mr. Russell Faber who have blocked every effort by Black state legislators and Philadelphia’s City Counsel to get reasonable gun restrictions and reasonable gun laws in the Keystone State. (Thusly, they wash their hands in the blood of little Black children who die on the streets of Philadelphia and the White police officers killed needlessly in the line of duty each and every month and think nothing of it); and Condoleezza Rice who lorded over U.S. foreign policy during the Bush years that got us into two wars that costs upwards of $80 Billion Dollars every six months—this is why the economy is on the skids folks; and on and on--you folks are still working for White world domination, hegemony, White international supremacy and more economic power when you already hold the keys to the castle and most of the money & wealth in the world. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ANYWAY—NANCY!! You have almost taken the world down the road to fascism a few times and you seem Hell bent on doing it again. Didn’t Hitler teach you something the first few times? Is it all because of your fears as a White person--like filmmaker Michael Moore said in one of his early film (``911’’, I believe). You, like many whites, have a fear of retaliation against what you & your White ancestors have done (Slavery, Colonization, discrimination, the fight against Civil Rights, the support of Jim Crow, the fight against Black inclusion in inner city schooling & curriculum construction, the continued fight against diversity at the work place, and on college and university campuses, etc., etc. etc.) so you continue to do more of the same old things? THAT IS A REAL SIGN OF INSANITY!! You have a thousand think tanks with the millions of dollars they use to dream up new ways to keep Blacks, Latin people and the poor back and down. You want to make sure that every American—that means every White American—has the right to bare arms. But that pans out to be a lot of bloodshed in the Nation’s inner cities and even in some rural and suburban areas (like at Columbine and in other places). We don’t want or need 500 guns a week or 500 guns a month per individual or per household!! There is enough bloodshed in Black communities already. There are enough police and children being killed. The guns just end up being used to kill people during drug deals that go bad, robberies on the part of the left-out that go bad and land more of our men and women in jail and federal prison and in the grave yards of this wonderful Nation of ours...But you just kept saying ``Just Say No!!’’ back in the 1980’s. It rung hollow then and it rings hollow now. But I guess keeping things the way they are keeps our people out of your high faulting, rich neighborhoods and keeps financing and empowering the Military-Industrial and Prison-Industrial Complexes to the tune of Billions of Dollars a year in tax dollars, now doesn’t it, Nancy Reagan. We know all about it Nancy!! Keep your guns and your NRA to yourself, Nancy. Why don’t you let cities and municipalities make their own gun laws so we can control this situation and get our people to move more towards a sane, decent existence with good, solid educations and a chance at jobs and a chance at a better life in general? Because that is not your goal and never was. It is our goal as Black activists, but the survival & prosperity of Black men and Black women and Black children is not your goal and never was Nancy. Republicans stop decent, responsible gun laws and gun regulations everyday and fuel the drug war and the Prison – Industrial Complex by doing so. They also give rise to the murder of police officers and the murder of our Black children who sometimes get in the way while playing in the streets in inner cities because you Republicans cut the money for recreation and community centers so you can have money for the military and foreign intervention, isn’t that right Nancy. There is no where else to play but the streets because you cut the budgets in state after state and even on the Federal level during Bush, Reagan and Bush. President Obama doesn’t have any money left to restore now, does he. And you want us to believe this wasn’t all by design? Yes, it all comes back to you, REPUBLICANS and those conservative Blue Dog Democrats Down South. But, you know all about this cycle of hopelessness, hunger, poverty, despair and ignorance, don’t you? And all about what I’ve written here, Nancy, you just want to keep this stuff going!! And keep saying ``Just Say No,’’ as if it were that simple, when you know it isn’t that simple!! Black President in the White House or not!!

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