Saturday, January 16, 2010

Listen to the Quiet Godly Voice Inside...

Listen to that Quiet, Godly voice Inside—That Place Inside of You That Says--we are tired of waiting, move forward with your plans in a steady fashion, methodically, compound your victories, invest in success...…..

Stop vetoing GOD!! Before you pick up a gun or a knife or hit someone with a clinched fist, reach out to someone who needs help who is a lot worse off than yourself. You will heal the two of you. Listen to that quiet Godly place inside of you before you do the wrong thing and mess up a situation for yourself that will have a lasting and profound impact on your future and possibly the future of your family and close friends. Before you take that snort or hit of illegal drugs; before you break the law (they catch and kill criminals everyday in North America); before you have a careless affair; before you don’t use a condom; before you curse at your children and tell them you have no time for them; before you criticize--listen to God, truly, deeply inside and see what the sister or brother has to say to you personally. Talk to a pastor; a good friend; a lover; a mindful, thoughtful, respected relative—before you decide to do something desperate, silly, rash, ridiculous or empty-headed. Before you do something rash, get psychiatric help if you need it.... You will not be saying you are insane, you will be standing up and saying you want to deal with the insanity that surrounds you  in our culture. There is no shame in it if it saves your life—and it might well save your life and someone else’s. There is always an alternative to doing something dumb, quick, off the cuff or hot tempered. Take your time and think before you do something. Think it over and REALLY look at some alternatives…You are worth the time… You are worth the wait… Think in terms of achieving, getting educated, taking the right path and the high road and being loving, caring and giving. Revenge, hatred, deceit and making ourselves and others suffer are NOT for real African people… You are mimicking something that really does not run in your African family line… Don’t just think of how to get over or get even, how to abuse others and how to bend and break the law. We can and will do better when we can begin to think more clearly as individuals and as a community of people. When we can take that positive attitude and put it into action we will really get somewhere!! We are already advanced—just look at our Presidential candidate as opposed to some of what has run and even won in the recent past!! Like Spike Lee says, do the right thing and instill the right things in your children and your grand children. Be ethical and upstanding. Not decadent, judgmental and hateful. Watch as the level of insanity around you increases because your path to justice and freedom becomes more clear. Don’t accept second rate in yourself or the people around you. Don’t accept second or third rate in your employees, in your family or in your friends. Expect the best. Get the best. Be the best!! We have come a long way and there is no turning back now. We are on the road to progress. We just need a little help from the God within to make us bolder, better, more courageous and more even-tempered and to make us think before we act… Get GOD on your side and keep Her or Him there…

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