Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Results Business Ideas.....

Letter # 19


Brother Tracy Gibson
214 Southwyk Road
New Castle, Del. 19720



Great Results Consulting
201 17th Street, Suite 3000
Atlanta, Georgia 30363

Dear Friends at Great Results Consulting:

I am a heavy thinker and a real idea man. (I have enclosed a resume and a statement about me as an author). I have lots of ideas, but implementing them has proven to be a rather difficult thing for me. I was referred to you by The Rea Men of I See I am hopeful that you can help me by finding others with similar ideas and funding for some of these ideas... These are some of the projects I’m working on:

1) A major BLOCKBUSTER publication in the works called ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora, 2009, Volume II; Moving from Abuse, Anger & Frustration to Hope, Activism & Accomplishment.’’ By Brother Tracy Gibson due out early next year. I need editing help, a mentor and funding for the project. About $12,000.00

2) The Coalition to Find Sane Solutions In the Middle East. This is a Non-Profit I want to start that would bring together African Americans, Africans, progressive thinking people of European decent, Latinos, Asians, Arabs and others who want to bring new light to this issue. We want to bring in ideas and concepts to deal with the issue that the politicians and the media have either overlooked or feel are too controversial to deal with. We want to bring in more people than just academicians, political pun dents and power players so the people at the grass roots can have a constructive and forward thinking position on the many-faceted issues pertaining to the volatile Middle East questions and how to resolve them in a peaceful, non-violent manner as quickly and as fairly as possible. We want to have a direct impact on U.S. policy making and on how other countries and the world view the Middle East crisis. We want people to view it as a challenge to the world’s peace-loving people not as an end of the world scenario. Investment Needed: $12,000.00.

3) We have a Positive Plan for Black Youth that will help bring about peace on city streets throughout the United States; less imprisonment of our Black youth; more jobs for youth; and an emphasis on their staying in school and possibly going on to college, university and or trade school and graduate school; a component to help them become constructive American citizens even if they choose not to go to school and less teen parenting, STD’s, illegal drug use, illegal drug trafficking and other behaviors that are ripping and tearing away at the seams of the Black community nationally. There is also a need for constructive things to do instead of get into trouble during after school hours before parents get home. There is a desperate need for new and innovative ways of thinking on this subject—not just the building of more prisons and tracking our youth into ``special’’ education and detention centers. We have some ideas we would like to share with others and get funded so we can begin helping youths in the Delaware, New Jersey and Philadelphia area as soon as possible!! Investment Needed: $12,000.00.

4) Proposal to help Brothers and Sisters in the Prison System. We have several components to our Prison-Industrial Complex alternative plans. They include taking a hard look at the sexual and physical abuse that goes on in the U.S. prison system and putting an end to it as soon as possible. When people commit a crime they should do the time, not be raped and abused—no matter what that crime was. We are against the Death Penalty and want the politicians and media pun dents to understand the root causes behind criminal behavior in the U.S. including: negative media portrayals of African and African American citizens; unemployment; lack of relevant educational experiences for Black and Brown people; lack of physical education, sports and health classes in the public school system; continued poverty; lack of ethical teaching in the class room and strong values; disrespect of elders; lack of mentoring programs; and too much emphasis in the news media on killing, murder and military solutions to ALL questions and problems. Investment Needed: $12,000.00.

5) I would also like to have a multi-national corporation to deal with these and other issues and generate my own income to fund these projects. I started a Marketing and Public Relations firm (Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2006) but we have not been able to get things off the ground. While we did a partial business plan, we are still to this day unfocused and floundering. We have a web page, but need to institute more products from which we can draw the profits to put back into the company and the many Non-Profit components. I need management help and a steady income from this to help regenerate ideas and implement programs that will be helpful to the community. We need to find a funder even to just pay the seed money that would get us started with your company’s consulting fees. We are at $00.00 right now. I need to talk with one of your people to find out where to begin. At $60. an hour for consulting fees, I wouldn’t be able to pay for even one hour until December 3rd, 2009. I am hopeful you will contact me with ideas, solutions and suggestions as soon as possible. Investment Needed: $50.000.00.

6) We also have had real estate holdings and an office in the past and are hopeful of building up our real estate portfolio in the near future. We also need funds to reconstitute and give rebirth to our office to make it fully functional and operable.
Investment Needed: $250,000.00.

7) I also work with a few established Non-Profits in the Philadelphia area including a literacy project and Friends of Somafco, which provides support services to South Africa. Investment Needed: $12,000.00.

8) One of the last things I am working on is a city wide conference (in Philadelphia) that deals with Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Health Issues in the Black Community. The Conference is slated for the year 2013 and will include media hookups in other cities and possibly conferences in other cities including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, L.A. and San Francisco. We want to utilize Cable access, cable, established TV and radio to get the positive word out. Preliminary work has begun to seek out funders, sponsors and supporters and focus the Conference on: 1) The Same Gender Loving {SGL} (traditionally called gay people) community of Black people and how they can be a help in our struggle for economic equality, stability, better ethical behavior and honesty in interpersonal relationships in our community. We are convinced that many SGL people in our community can be a secret weapon in our community instead of a detriment if and when their issues are fully aired and a healing process begins. 2) Teen pregnancy and how this is holding back and destabilizing our community as young mothers are left with no visible means of support for their young families and our young men are left with no jobs to support a family even if they do want to stick around. 3) STD’s such as HIV and all the rest and how this in undermining the stability and uplift of our community. What can be done on a mass level, with or without the government, to consistently and effectively stem the tide of HIV and other STD’s? Finding real solutions for a growing problem. Investment Needed: $12,000.00.

We thank you for taking the time to look over these proposals and this letter. We hope to hear from you very soon.

With Love & Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson…


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