Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Needs Help...

We Are NOT The United States of Haiti…But We Should Help...
With the horrendous earthquake that hit the tiny nation of Haiti in mid January of 2010, we need to remember our limits, but offer what help we can. It is also a fine time to read up on the history of this struggling Black nation—the first to throw off Western, European-centered colonialism—and discover the often ruthless North American policies that are responsible for the nation of Haiti being such a basket case in the first place. (These policies have existed right up until the present times with the actions and inactions of the Clinton Administration and the George Bush Jr. Administration as well.)

It is the United State that allowed Haitian leaders to escape from the former French colony with their pockets full of the people money; it is the United States that sat by (and sometimes even profited) while the French crushed the people’s will and exploited the people’s labor; it is the United States who did nothing while the people of Haiti starved and ate dirt pies to survive. If this had been a European nation we would have taken swift, accurate & intense actions to help. The Black nation of Haiti was allowed to linger like rotten fruit on the ground—forgotten and uncared about.

We are NOT the United States of Haiti. We are the United States of America, with devastating and vast problems of our own. That doesn’t mean we can’t offer Haiti, in such a trying and difficult time, a hand up, a means to survive and comfort.

So many Americans are going through tough times right now, it is as if GOD is testing North America and the rest of the world to take this small nation under its’ wing and try to help even as so many others are having difficulty.

Certainly there are many thousands of us who can offer financial support for the relief efforts. But I suggest we do some research there also. Before you open your checkbook or wallet to the Red Cross, remember the history of their efforts during the Katrina Storm and the fact that they dragged their feet, along with the United State, in getting the needed relief to the people worse hit by the storm. To this day all the money has not been allocated, people go without housing and food and, while the business districts in New Orleans have been revitalized, many children have no place to go for schooling and many have to do without jobs. Will this be their example in Haiti as well?

I suggest that people give money to the United Nations and the small NGO’s that are reaching out to Haiti also. is a fine example (Look into their earthquake fund).

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