Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Republican Party...

The Republican Party: The party of the American RacistLook at the history of the Republican Party and you see a party of hatred, division, and disrespect towards all people of color and especially Black people. They voted heavily for the old segregationist George Wallace as Republican Southerners. They championed the causes of people like Bull Connor who stood in the way of Black progress for Civil Rights in the South. They were and still are against Affirmative Action, diversity, racial inclusion and progress of any kind for the Black race. Just look at the numbers of pathetic Black people at their conventions. The numbers are small because their representation among Black people is very small. There is a Black head of the party who sits there like the Trashier cat in Alice in Wonderland waiting to leap on any progressive thought that comes along. What he says makes about as much sense as the statements of a Trashier Cat. But wait a minute, there was only one Black Congressman who called himself a Republican in recent history—J.C. Watts who served his Oklahoma District from 1995 to 2002----but he left the party in discuss over their unwillingness to change and bring more color and openness into the fray. There are NO sitting Black Republican Governors, Congressional representatives, or Senators. NONE!! As of August 14, 2009!! Not One!! They do not speak to our needs, concerns and issues. The Republicans speak for the wealthy, the well-to-do, the White and the well healed. They represent business people who have largely turned their backs on people’s needs and are totally consumed with the quest for profits and the bottom line. Some day they will learn that the bottom line is gained and expanded BY taking care of people’s true needs, desires and expectations—not by ignoring those needs. For example, everybody wants good wages and good jobs to COME BACK to the United States. Where did the wages and good jobs go? Overseas so the robber barons and big business holders could exploit workers in foreign lands to increase their profits and provide cheap goods at a deeply competitive rate. (Yeah, I’m talking about Wal-Mart [which is being sued in one of the biggest discrimination suites in the history of the Nation by 1.5 Million women who say that women are not hired and promoted properly and have complaints about equal pay.] and many, many others including General Electric, Caterpillar [which sells machinery to Israel that is used to tear down Palestinian homes & destroy little Palestinian children’s lives], IBM, Dell, Sony, Exxon[which made &%_#& in profits during the first quarter of 2009], Shell, Magnavox, Dow Chemical, and even finally and sadly that good old San Francisco Founded American pants company that invented Blue Jeans--Levis. They have all gone overseas. Are these companies doing Americans any good? Did you make any of that money? The Billions and Billions they make goes to corporate expansion in foreign lands, corporate jets and corporate executive salaries. General Electric, for example, made $2.8 Billion Dollars during the first quarter of 2009—did you see any of that blood money? American corporate expansion in foreign lands from 1980 to 2009 threw thousands of people out of work in North America in the 1980’s, 1990’s and even recently. The Republicans are against union rights and all the efforts and blood shed it took to get us the five-day work week, decent wages in North American, vacation time, medical benefits, other hard-won labor rights such as Binding Arbitration, other contractual rights and even Child Labor Laws. People literally died in the streets—Black people, White people and Latino and Asian people as well--for these rights, but they are slipping away under President Bush and now even under President Obama. We have to be much more active and ever vigilant to maintain our labor rights in North America. The progressive struggle now is to win those jobs back and new Green jobs so we can put Americans back to work. The Republicans think deep cuts in taxes for the wealthy will put Americans back to work, but the recent Bush era was a referendum on that policy and it failed miserably and left our present President (Barack Obama) with more than his share of debt to restructure and erase as he tries to repair the deep damage from the Bush era and generate badly needed new jobs. The Republicans stand firm against Day Care for working women, against women’s rights and against Black economic Self Actualization & empowerment. Most bills, events and considerations that mean any kind of Black progress—economic or otherwise--are fought against tooth and nail by the Republican Party. And they gonna call Judge Sonia Sotomayor a racist? I don’t think so!! It was the Republican Party who road high with the KKK under the sheets during the times and days when over 2000 Black people where hung, castrated, murdered and beaten down South from 1820 to 1960. Most of the Black men they hung were castrated after being killed, whipped and or shot. The Republican Party—through their legislative efforts—hold many of the same old views that hold us back as Black people. The pathetic few of us that call themselves Republicans should be tried in the court of Black public opinion for treason, prudery, sedition, trickery, suspicious counter-revolutionary activities, libel, slander, race bating, racial legislative manipulation, race hating, racist reactionary rebellion and other high crimes against our people. While we sit quietly and watch ``American Idol,’’ enjoying our Wal-Mart-purchased food & other goods, the Republicans and their supporters are plotting--through their political operatives and their well-funded think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation—the continued degradation and exploitation of the planet and its people—especially Black, Latino and poor people throughout the world. President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan had some of the Whitest Presidential Administrations in history. There was little room for Blacks at the top of such Administrations. While Nixon (Who surrounded himself with many people of German extraction by the way) championed Affirmative Action for a time, that was quickly eroded as Blacks made a few superficial gains. TV Host Bill Mare had it right when he said that the present administration in Washington D.C. (The Obama Administration) is more like the moderates and somewhat like the Republicans. The Republicans have pushed the argument and the envelope so far to the right that we are arguing for things that should be a given. For example, some form of REPARATIONS for Blacks is long overdue and should be a right. We should not have to spend 10 and 20 years arguing for a Bill in Congress that would ``Study’’ the issue of REPARATIONS. If Jewish Americans were fighting for damages received at the hands of American Nazis (and if the bloody history of the Nazi Party was American born instead of German) they would have gotten their money from the American White House and the American Congress a long time ago. But slavery was a Black-White thing and Blacks have to still sit on the back of the bus on this one. Why?--Because we don’t demand nearly enough in a consistent, organized and ongoing fashion. We wait and hope for the best from Obama and are just enthralled at the pageantry and images of a Black president and his family. Images and pageantry are not nearly enough. Well, you can’t eat pageantry and even those positive images don’t pay the bills. We have been fooled into believing our government can’t afford the programs and cash that is needed to pay for the advances we need as a race of Black people. We are lulled into believing these things by Republicans and Southern conservative Democrats—the Blue Dogs as they are known. The media plays right along by bringing us people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (Instead of people like Claud Anderson, Cynthia McKinney, Brother Rob and Angela Davis). Sharpton and Jackson are getting to be worn out tires who demand a few things, but largely say little about the real systemic problems and how we need to tackle them ourselves while we also push for more rights, progressive and even radical representation in and outside of government, and real tooth and nail action on the part of our government and our community leaders. We need traction, not more talk--and worn out tires ain’t gonna get it!! Recently I was to host an event at my house to talk about Health Care and the Democrats didn’t even have the money to send a speaker after I made several phone calls to shore up the event—it had to be canceled. We don’t stand up and if we do the Blue Dogs and the Republicans are quick to make sure we get back in ``our places.’’ I have heard more brain washed Blacks talk about what Obama doesn’t need to talk about such as REPARATIONS and the many issues and concerns that face our Black youth. ``He has enough on his plate,’’ I have heard. Well, what I want to know is how we get on his plate as a people along with our youth’s issues because we may not get another chance for another 120 years. Some of that stuff on his plate needs to step aside such as that bloated and wasteful Pentagon Budget, the wars and all the international spying the U.S. is still, to this day, doing. We are paying through the nose for these things and they are mostly wasted dollars. The few Whites that voted President Obama in are now abandoning ship as the Republicans press the issue that things are just costing too much. Not one Radio or TV commentator I have heard says the Pentagon, the Defense budget and the Intelligence Network are costing too much!! Why is that? Because the military industrial complex is owned and paid for by not only the American tax dollar, but is a profit Mecca for the big oil companies, the military contractors and such—some of whom I mentioned earlier. And where do those corporations put their money, right in the pockets of the Big TV networks and the mega banking industry that continues to support and bank roll things, events, governments, government leaders, people , other venues and countries that are not about the best interests of Black people. In fact General Electric, a major aero-space & defense contractor, owns one of the major Networks!! I called General Electric personally and discovered that they own NBC. That is straight from the horses’ mouth on July 10, 2009!!

On another subject, isn’t it funny how former Congressman Newt Gingrich has the nerve to call Obama’s first nominee for the Supreme Court a racist—a Latina woman, Sonia Sotomayor from the projects in the Bronx--yes folks it actually came our his blithering, idiotic lips that SHE is the racist!! And our bold courageous President started looking over statements Sotomayor had made and said she could have chosen better words. Hugh??!!! What about showing the racism in the Republican Party and shoring up your support for Sotomayor!!…There are plenty of examples of Republican racism to go around. So many of us want to walk on egg shells with the Republicans on this one. Bull crap!! This is still a very, very racist nation and it needs to heal from this racism. President Obama seems unwilling and unable to reach out to his core constituency of Blacks, progressives, liberal and progressive Latinos, Gays and Lesbians and others who can, do and will think outside the box at least sometimes. We are shunned like bad meat at a wedding party. He will never get re-elected like that. We will never all heal if the main sick patient doesn’t want to take the medicine or even admit that the sickness exists—my contention is that that main sick patient is the Republican Party and ALL who vote for them. The Republicans championed the Bakke_Decision of June 28, 1978 which formalized and accepted reverse discrimination as a legal statute by allowing Allan Bakke acceptance into Medical School at the University of California at Davis. Bakke was allowed entrance and a special admissions program that tried to correct past discrimination and wrong doing against people of color was shelved. This was a Supreme Court decision. This happened during the Carter White House, but people like Ronald Reagan championed Bakke and loved the decision. (As you know Reagan, a Californian himself, went on to defeat President Jimmie Carter in 1980 and used such landmark conservative Supreme Court decisions as a spring board to power.) This case was an affront and a slap in the face to Black people the world over. It said that our continued pain and suffering means nothing to the highest court in the land, in North America. Never mind the fact that the numbers of Blacks in the top medical schools and law schools in this Nation remain few and far between even until today. And the fact that many, many Back people remain effectively locked in poverty with little access to scholarship money, good schooling and all the necessary avenues to attain these things. But new technologies and access to new and fresh information is cracking open the armor of controlled media in the U.S. and helping regular Americans see that monopoly-styled media ownership is really a threat to ALL our rights. How often did the regular established media ask the tough questions like why there are so few slots at good medical and law schools in the first place? Why can’t there be plenty of openings for the many who apply? Now, with more open media and the advent of the inner net these questions are being asked.

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