Thursday, January 7, 2010

a poem : Your Heroes/ My Heroes...

A Poem: Your Heroes / My Heroes

A note to Dick Cheney and those who think like him On Memorial Day, 2009.

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Your Heroes walk through city streets
With badges and guns and try to ``keep the peace’’
By shooting ``criminals’’ and ``wrong doers’’
Down like dogs—what chances and opportunities were they offered?

My heroes defy you and know that your ``system’’
Is not sustainable
That hegemony is a thing of the past
As is White Supremacy, racial hatred and

You can’t hide in your corporate jets and your military bunkers for long!!

Your heroes move freely on foreign soil
Exploiting, ravaging, destroying progressive history
and ornate indigenous art objects, destroying the books that hold the truth
and killing, killing, killing, never telling the truth—but twisting it & thinking of new
Ways to put a new face on what you have done for generations:
Created war, confusion, self doubt, exploitation, sweat shops &
Set indigenous people against their invaders

Your greed is phenomenal

My heroes work long hours for no or little pay devising ways to
Bring truth to light, educate, fight for real justice, peace, understanding &
authentic LOVE

Your Heroes topple legitimately elected third world governments,
Shoot Palestinian children, destroy the land and foul the air

My heroes expose what you do and struggle to survive
We live off the land and the rugged truth that you burned
In the Libraries of Alexandria, Egypt.

We all have a choice in what and who we choose to be our heroes
And what side we will be on

This is all becoming very clear
Even though we sometimes pay for our own destruction
(Thanks to the twisted way you have finagled our economy)

Soon, you will not be able to buy the gloomy future that chains us

The price is too high: in blood & money

Real Freedom is just a matter of time…

& the clock is ticking………


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