Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liberty for Them, Liberation for US

Liberty for Them Vs. Liberation for US...

White people understand Liberty. They have the Statue of Liberty and they feel they are defending Liberty when they go off to war and die.

Black people, on the other hand, understand Liberation. They study the Liberation of Cuba and Haiti and understand that those countries fought against tyranny for their ``LIBERATION'' against undue Capitalist encroachment, racism, exploiters and the other horrors that can be represented by the West, but that most people of European descent would rather ignore, sweep under the rug or defend until their death.

The two concepts--a form of the same word--seem to never get put down and examined on the same page. I just did. How we come to some agreements and look at the reality of Liberty Vs. Liberation is something that needs to be worked on, no matter how many years or decades or generations it takes. It is important. It is often inherent in the differences that are represented by indigenous people Vs. ``invaders'' or ``settlers''. It needs to be explored widely by our thinking people, our politicians, our community-minded people, our organizers and our media on a National scale.

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