Thursday, January 7, 2010

  • Pledge from Black Businesses
    To the Black Community 8-19-09

    I pledge to uphold high community standards in the delivery of goods and services to my community.

  • I pledge to pay decent wages to all employees as I am able and as profits from my legitimate business allow.

  • I pledge to give back to the Black community a reasonable amount of the profits to be used for positive & proactive community programs, supporting our youth & elderly and supporting the homeless, the weak, the poor and the indigent among us.

  • I pledge to never carry out any illegal activities through my business and never support any illegal activities inside or outside of my community.

  • I pledge to be a mentor for Black youth who are interested in learning about businesses such as mine.

  • I pledge to be a good role model for our community, especially for Black youth.

  • I pledge to get involved with Black churches, Mosques, community groups and civic groups in my neighborhood and find out what they can use in the way of support for any positive & proactive programs they may have.

  • I pledge to obey & uphold the law.

  • I pledge to NOT lend to the defilement or corruption of ANY member(s) of the Black community, but to instead act as a positive & proactive force in the Black community or any community in which I exists.

  • I pledge to support any and all, or as many as possible, candidates for political office who have in mind making positive and proactive changes for the betterment of our community.

  • I pledge to make any and all positive and proactive changes needed in the community to bring about more unity, fair play, justice, freedom, sharing and democracy. On this day I make this pledge, so help me GOD, the Creator and the African Ancestors…..

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