Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Against the Death Penalty.....

I recently came upon information about a death penalty case in Oklahoma that I am very concerned about.  It was an allegedly heinous crime the 26-year-ole Joshua Steven Durcho.  The gentleman stands accused of killing his girlfriend and Her three children.  The fact that this is a case against a White person, and I am Black has no baring on my stand against the Death Penalty.  I don't think any state in the Union, including Oklahoma, Texas and Florida--some of the worse pro-death penalty states, should have the right to kill people willy-nilly for the crimes they may or may not have committed.  The death penalty is administered disproportionately against Black people, Native People and Latin People, but poor Whites as well.  The death Penalty is a state-run assassination system--a system of abuse, torture, unfair treatment, and a blatant disregard for our Nation's constitution.  [By the Way, I no longer consider myself a citizen of the United States of North America--but a Citizen of the United States of Native America, due to the illegal taking of the land from Native People and the continued abuse, marginalization and economic strangulation of Native People.]. But getting back to the subject at hand--the death penalty MUST be taken off the table in all states that consider themselves humane, decent, LOVing, and concerned about human rights, true justice and true freedom. I want ALL freedom-thinking people and ALL those concerned about decency to contact me and or the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty to discover Ways to get involved in working against this heinous law that kills people who have made mistakes and killed others.  If Mr. Steven is guilty of the crimes he stands accused of, I DO NOT think or feel he should be killed, but serve time for a number of years, while receiving training so He can become a decent, LOVing, kind and righteous person again.  Such people should be given another chance and our prison system MUST be turned into a system to retrain people, not warehouse them in degradation, squalor and administer inhumane treatment.  They MUST be given access to decent education, better food--gaged on their treatment of self and others--and availability to get a good eduction.  This MUST be administered to ALL people in ALL state penalties, state and local prisons, and whatever other prison facilities that exist.  I also feel that Mumia Abu Jamal should have been released a long time ago or retried--preferably--so the corruption and deeply rooted-greed and indecency that dominates our judicial system could have been exposed.  At this late date, I want Him retried, but The Brother is getting older and should really be released--even though this may well cause a great commotion on the part of the so-called rabid right wing of this Great Nation. People like Pam Africa and Ramona Africa are to be commended for their great courageous work, under the auspicious of The Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal, to have this Brother freed.  They have been successful in getting Him off death row--a phenomenal victory that took years of effort, demonstrations, letter writing, phone calls, protesting, making speeches, working with other groups, and a varied assortment of other duties I know very little about because I was taking care of other aspects of the Revolution. Sister Pam and Sister Ramona and other friends at Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal are some of the absolute most courageous people on the planet and they really will not give up on their quest to Free Brother Mumia.  I thank you for your consideration about Mr. Steven and I will say a prayer for his soul and for the souls of the persons He is alleged to have killed.  It takes years and years for the families to recover from the loss of a loved one through such a criminal event, and the impact on families is absolutely phenomenal and long-lasting.  We must NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THIS FACT EITHER, AS WE GO ABOUT OUR FIGHT FOR DECENCY, AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY!!

With Peace and Justice,

Brother Tracy Gibson, Activist -- Organizer -- Philanthropist -- Proud Uncle and Proud Great Uncle.

African Name: Kokayi  *:-B nerd

Full Legal Name: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson.

reach me at 1 215 921 20 65.

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