Monday, April 21, 2014

good food choices at area West Philadelphia Restaurants.

Family Variety & Deli

at 310 South 52nd street

The sandwiches are really great. They have salmon and fish on Fridays. You can get wheat bread or rye if you are like me and don't want to eat white bread.   They also have bean pies. I have to try the store again, but I always liked what they have when I went before. I will up-date this very soon.

Baltimore Crab & Seafood
4800Spruce Street

There fish is quite fresh and tasty. I need to go again to update this blog. 

The Green Line Cafe at 45th and Locust Street; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139.

They have great coffee and yogurt; Items I haven't tried as yet:  Croissants; ice ea; espresso; muffins like chocolate or cheese; crumb cakes; various blends of coffee like French Roast; a Limited Edition Ugandan Roast coffee; Peruvian coffee; Bananas; Spring Water; orange juice; flavored seltzer water; mocha hot chocolate drinks; Burritos; Pastrami sandwiches; egg and cheese sandwiches.

They also have pretty good bagels and they don't complain too much--if at all--about poor people like me who use the ``free'' wyfi for hours and actually only buy a few 25 cent pieces of delicious chocolate and then pimp off the free water. [If you think I don't feel guilty for NOT being able to pay my own Way right now, well, you would be mistaken.


Pizza Lebel at 5601 Girard Avenue; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131.

I rarely go to Pizza Label because I rarely eat Pizza due to the high fat content of cheese; but this spot does have a few low-fat or less meat items on their menu along with more traditional items.  Those low-fat or less meat items include: Jumbo Shrimp; Grilled Chicken Salad -- available with 1000 Island Dressing; Chicken Stromboli; Onion Rings; Fish Sandwiches [One can ask for Wheat Bread & extra Tarter Sauce, to avoid regular mayo--if one likes]. They also have carrot cake; and Turkey Burgers.


Penn Cafe and Pizzeria at 4909 Catherine Street

I don't think I have tried Penn's Cafe & Pizzeria, but they have several selections on their menu aside from more traditional foods, that might be better for lower fat diets with less animal fat.

Chicken Steak Stromboli; Vegetable Stromboli; Chicken fingers with honey mustard; Onion Rings; Chicken Wings; Turkey Club Sandwiches; pasta and sauce with no meat; Baked Stuffed Shells; Seafood Combinations; Shrimp in a basket; Whiting [Fish]; Jumbo Shrimp. For Breakfast:  Blueberry pan Cakes; various omelette's; Turkey Sausage; Broccoli; Green Peppers; Onion & mushrooms as stuffing for omelette's. Also: Tuna Salad; Garden Salad; Greek Salad (one does not have to get the anchovies if one is on a salt free or low salt diet); Chicken Caesar Salad; and Grilled Chicken Salad.The Penn Cafe & Pizza Place also serves juice and Carrot Cake.


ACCU Pizza has been in the hood for years!!  When I was a child, we used to go to Accu Pizza often during the week, especially during the summer -- and have delicious food.  They have always been open to hiring People of Color and always greet customers with grace and a smile.  There are several food choices at Accu Pizza that are heart healthy and sensible such as: Vegetarian Stromboli [with no cheese]; Chicken Broccoli; and Chicken Salad Wraps; Southern Turkey Wrap [you can get it without the beacon]; Classic Caesar; Mixed Greens; Cranberry Spinach Salad; Asian Won ton Salad; Veggie Hoagies and Grinders; Chicken or Turkey Hoagies and Grinders; and Vegetables such as Candy Yams; Collard Greens; corn on the Cob.  All these foods and selections can be ordered with lower calorie Dressings such as French, Russian and Honey Mustard.  Since I have become a more responsible eater, I have lost weight and my blood pressure has gone down. I look better and feel better and healthier. A healthy-minded person can go to a store such as Accu Pizza and find many selections to take part of and skip many of the traditionally heavy calorie food. One should check with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen, and changing your diet [I am not a registered nutritionist or a medical doctor]. I plan to stop by Accu Pizza soon to order something healthy very, very soon.  Their Phone number is 215 474 71 50 Accu is located at 4802 Spruce Street in the heart of West Philadelphia. enjoy!!


Stacy's Pizza & Wings
42nd and Market Street

I have seldom tried the food at Stacy's, but an ole friend of mine, who has now passes, used to LOVe Stacy's food.  Because I like to eat healthy, I have here suggested several items I would eat as opposed to some of the other foods on the menu. Before I start, I want to mention the importance of eating healthier menu choices. It is OK to splurge once in a while and have a piece of fried chicken on a piece of chocolate cake (some nutritionists say if you don't do this you end up getting side tracked and going off the positive-eating experience all together and go back to ole eating habits). many Black People in the United States especially have problems with high blood pressure; obesity; diabetes; and other heart ailments or ailments brought on by eating too much fatty foods, chemically laden foods, and too much salty foods.  It is also a good idea not to eat too much White flour, white rice or white bread as these foods are not as mineral rich and fiber filled as some of the other starches like wheat bread, wild rice, brown rice or wheat pasta. Some of the foods I would eat from Stacy's include: Turkey Decker Sandwich with lettus, onion & tomato with brown mustard on wheat or rye; appetizers: onion rings, cole slaw, Broccoli bites, corn on the cob, steamed broccoli, grilled chicken tenders with honey Dijon, crab cakes, scallops (grilled); Turkey burger, Veggie wrap with 1000 Island dressing, Grilled chicken Parmesan with no cheese, chicken Caesar wrap with no cheese, veggie quesadilla, chicken & Broccoli Quesadilla, Chicken Gyro or baked Ziti.  Most People will find something really great and well-prepared from this list to eat from and still stay away from fried foods and such an abundance of fatty foods.

 This food reference is being edited for spelling and grammar.

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