Thursday, April 10, 2014

Land Ownership in Africa

We as People of the world with basic knowledge re under a mistaken impression of who owns land and businesses on the continent of Africa. I would like to know for sure who owns what so we start a process of making sure the People who have the best interests of Africa and Africans at heart really own the land and can develop it properly as rich farm land, developed inner cities, natural forage areas, places for wildlife to roam peacefully and quietly in their natural habitat, and places for people who care most about Africa to live and make their living n peace. I want to see Black People own a preponderance of the land--not invaders who would spread ill-will, negativity and exploitation. Our African Continent has seen enough of that and have suffered enough--as has African People. I want to see Black People own the land and I want I want to know who was what on the African of good will who want to help the African continent grow, develop positively and without discrimination, violence, economies plunder and degradation.  It is Well that we took the issues and concerns of Africa as a front-page story and not a back page or no-page story. Who owns the land anyway? Let's take an international survey. How much is owned by Progressive, well-rooted Black men and Progressive, Well-rooted Black women who want the best for The African Continent and The African People? How much is owned by fake people fronting for invaders and taking money in their pockets? Like Malcolm X said, the Way to true justice and true freedom is to look at land allocation and land acquisition and land ownership all across the globe and improve the picture, permanently for Black People who are thinking clearly and decisively and who have faith anf Trust to be generous and hopeful about Africa and the Africanswho preside there. Presently: is the LAND owned--in Africa I mean--by the wealthy, the poor, the rich, the Black

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