Monday, April 14, 2014

When They say...

When they say there is no one following you believe me there probably is, the people may well just be afraid of the system we live with.  They may be misinformed and think you, if you are a progressive & Revolutionary activist are part of the oppressive system because we sometimes, what with the dollar having such corruptive power in our community, the dollar is sometimes used to undermine out positive, pro-community activities as Revolutionary activist. Hold steady. Read about Co-In - Tell Pro. and read some early Huey Newton and Stockley and you will find Ways to overcome confusion and mistrust as you see what our leaders have gone through in the recent past {the last 50 years.]

When they say you don't have a chance and are at the end of your rope, you probably have more of a chance than they want to admit.  This has been my experience.

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