Friday, April 25, 2014

Some of Us are Thinkers.....

Some of US as Revolutionaries think the ole mode still works. Start a Progressive non-Profit; fund it through rich ole-ruling-class-led funding sources and sources of money like the Mellon's, the Rothschild's, and the Rockefeller's and Dow Chemical and everything will be OK if we all sit around and sing Kym-By Ya. That mode is not and has not really worked to bring forth our true and actual liberation in the U.S. or much of anywhere else....  Such wealthy funding sources are drying up and they often have their political views attached to their giving patters.  Such views, at the root of such money, is generally speaking, Far Right Wing.

My feeling is WURD 900 AM Black Talk Radio has the right idea on this one.  They had a Crowd Funders conference of workshop a few weeks ago that I'm sure talked about many of these same issues.  I was unable to attend this particular event, but I'm told it gave hope to those seeking funds for their ideas and offered alternative Ways to generate money for potential and established businesses, ``venture Capitalists'';  and others seeking to get their ideas off the ground.

What makes good sense is to create a People-based or African based mode that gathers its' funding from the community by replacing the deliverer of the services and goods in the community [I think this needs to be done in a gradual, but steady pace so as not to cause too much physical violence, but still keep good progress, job creation and fair play and decency on the horizon.... The community MUST have a say in setting the pace for Progress and be steadily and repeatedly informed about the progress we are making. ..] The ole guard, the rich-greedy corporations [and I believe all corporations are NOT ALL rich and greedy]; they need to be replaced with an African centered or People-centered commerce mode that supports good and fair wages; good and fair working conditions; decent vacation time; & good health care benefits.

I'm not saying to become oppressors ourselves as Black, people, middle-income people and oppressed people of color.  I'm saying to become a fresh, new class of Revolutionary entrepreneurs who have the needs of the People--especially African People in my case--as the center of our world--not profits, not world economic plunder, not war profiteering & not racism and the destruction of the world environment. We can create a fresh New World, but the ole methods of the non-profit & the use of Ruling Class sources as funders is not working, and I'm not sure it ever did. I have worked for 15 years to build a world commerce mode--and I have certainly had help and am only part of the solution--that is funded by the community & gives money back to the community--especially for vital needs such as food; medicine; vital transportation; and decent housing. the ole way of thinking is regressive & serves the purpose of the so-called rulers.  It leaves them with all the money; vast sums of money and often vast tax write offs to continue policies of hatred, plunder, racism and destruction of the decency and fairness we are searching for and want to establish. We need to also finance the solutions to our problems--not create them like the ole ruling class and Big Corporations and Big Government have done in the past. We are a fresh New Progressive & Revolutionary People demanding our rights, but also building a brand new economic mode that is open to new Fresh ideas; Positive thinking; diversity; a LOVing heart; and fresh new Revolutionary patter for more stable and forward-moving ideological thought. The fact that I am a Gay Black man only makes me more determined, hungry for Revolutionary change, & open  to those who want to help in this important & exciting work we are doing.   THIS NEEDS SPELL CHECKING AND EDITING. IT IS THE STATEMENT I PLAN TO READ AT A DEMONSTRATION N May 1, 2014 AT 4 P.M... AT 15TH & MARKET STREET.  IN Philadelphia.

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