Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To Subtract Racism From Being Conservative. By Brother Tracy Gibson.

How To Subtract Racism From Being Conservative.

By Brother Tracy Gibson.

It seems we in the Black community are used to lumping ALL conservatives together and cling them ``racist.'' There is one, and I can only think of one, shining example of a conservative who,to me at least, didn't sen to have a strong dose of racism that went along with His conservative. That was Former President, The Late Gerald R. Ford.

Even though I voted against Him in 1976 to vote for my Hero Jimmie Carter, the one-term Democrat [Who I still think was the best President we even had in recent times, or at least as good as JFK and FDR.] Gerald R. Ford would not have been such a bad choice either. But I was a typical Black liberal at the time. WIth age comes wisdom. I have grown to be a much more independent voter and independent thinker.

Gerald R. Ford seemed to be able to do things with a level head and common-thinking fairness. {I have to admit that I will have to look back at His voting record in Congress and as President for two years beforeI can make a firm judgment. He only served two years as Presiddnt, but the media was quick to point out His faults--always showing Him falling down runway steps at airports and hitting His head on this or that sharp or jagged edge at the White House, as, years later, Chevy Chase would do an impersonation of Ford on NBC's ``Saturday Night Live.''

To get back to the point, I think conservatives can easily be less racist and still be true conservatives. They like to call themselves the Party of Lincoln. Well, Lincoln was a lot of things, but I don't think He was a bold racist like many of today's Republicans and Tea Party Loyalists are {In fact one of my Great, Great Grand Uncles, I believe it was Rubin Moss, served as one of Lincoln's bodyguards.} But Lincoln was not a dasterdedly, emotional hothead like Rush Limbaugh and George Will are. If you have to describe someone as dastardly, the person probably isn't a good, up-standing, decent, LOVing, fair-minded, responsible, and Level-Headed person.  I think Gerald Ford was most of these positive things, and I think that is why he married a woman like betty Ford, who started a clinic for the elite celebrity types to dry out from their addictions. [I always wondered where the common People and the Poor folks who didn't or don't have the money to get help and who might understand the real benefit of getting help were suppose to go to get help. ]

More to my point, you might think that a man such as George Will who, If I'm not mistaken still sits in a position of leadership at ABC TV, a national commentator I believe, you would think he would be considerate, level-headed, and have well-thought-out opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth. He may seem that way, but George Will is a North American racist and needs to be exposed as such as does Charles Krauthammer, Anne Colder and George H.W. Bush, Sr. Their views will not stand up to a simple test of racial prejudice, fairness,common-sense thinking, and level-headedness. I can prove this if I had them to test on public and had the authority to administer such a test to them in a fair and non-judgmental, non-threatening Way. Yet these people are considered North American Heroes, Patriots and still hold great amounts of wealth while they write books that meet with fantastic monetary abd popular success. This to me shows we have a largely uniformed public and a public that is in a grand formation of denial about the crushing impact of racism on both their live sand the lives of people of color--especially Black People.

At the same time, there are basic philosophical positions and arguments within the Republican Party that make a great deal of sense and hold a lot of water for Black People, if they are well enough and able bodied, want to work. This is a proven fact. The problem is many Black People have given up on thinking there will ever be enough jobs on their level that pay enough for them to work and feed their families, send their children to school and save a little money to buy income property after they buy the first family home. {That is if they have those kind of ``American Dream Values'' that we are all supposed to have.} These are still North America  dreams. But why do they have to be easily placed ubti the dream category? They should be rarities for everyone. Right!! What has happened to North America that can't happen--this dismay and abuse of the North American Dream?? Why has our North American dream been crushed and flushed down the preverbal toilet? The rich and wealthy like to control people, places and things and hoard money, power and control over people's futures. It is that simple. Capitalism and the free enterprise system have never, and when I sat never, I mean never, been at the hands of availability for the poor, the down trodden and the Black. When we go to a hotel in North America we don't go to a hotel that is owned by a group of poor people, we go to a hotel that is owned by a group or rich and wealthy stock holders headed by a big family name like the Hiltons.  Those truck-loads of money that are made from the massive Hilton Hotel chain are handed down from generation to generation and the little guy like you and me never see light of day to make something for ourselves and are lucky if we have a chance to send our children ti a nice school. There are literally thousands of people, poor Whites and poor Blacks who want to work as day-laborers and make enough money to invest, but mostly want to be heads os stable households and send their off to college so those same children might have a better chance   at the good life than their parents did. These people, the poor, the and some Black People, are confounded in a hundred ways. It doesn't have to be like that.  Things, modes of oppression, are being made much clearer to the average North American through several books and movies and just the general forward motion of time. The internet and social media has also revealed the weakness of Capitalism and the Free Enterprise system because the internet and social media are largely in the hands of the people. {Even through I still argue there isn't enough free access and the development of social media needs to be in the hands of more capable Black minds and hands as well.]  If they use it for more than watching pornography and playing games and look up certain things that will help them think, they will become informed and like a Wild North Alaskan Salmon swimming up-stream, they will work towards building a better life for themselves and rewarding journey a bit more difficult than most White people who have the advantage of White skin--these people never fully understand how easy things have been made for them. [By the Way, I must say
some White people because there is a growing number of people of European descent who really feel something is wrong with our system of brassiness and government and that is why President Obama was successful in 2008 and 2012.].

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