Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ReAl Masculinity.....

At the outset, I want to say I don't fully know what I'm talking about on this one subject because I haven't read any really good books by Black authors about Black male masculinity.  Even though I consider myself a great thinker, a leader of Black Gay men in particular and a man who is a Master of His own fate [only because I have a great humbleness and a great belief in GOD Himself] -- I don't know what makes one man more masculine than the other.

I know for sure that I consider Black men more Masculine than White.  I am not trying to put the White guys down, but they just don't have much juice when it comes to being really good men.  I think masculinity comes from not how many women you have bedded down with or slapped around or how many babies you have out of wedlock or how many basketball games you have gone to or how many times you have seen wrestling shows on TV or other sporting events. I also don't think it come directly from how clean your shoes or sneakers are or how you dress be it really clean or really shabby like I do.

I think it comes from how you treat women, children and elders--for example.  It is also about how comfortable you are around other Black men and how comfortable you are in your own skin....  I mean are we REALLY comfortable. You can tell if you can stay home and read for about three hours at a time without radio, TV or phone--I fail here. You can tell if you like spending time alone. I do, but not for days on end.  If you are always eyeballing men and scoping out your next conquest--like I have a tendency to do--that is not good on the Masculine chart. If you are with a Black lady and your head is like it is on a spinning wheel because you are so interested in other women or men, well, that's not good either.  Sometimes libido get the best of a man.  On the other hand, at least you [or I in this case] am being honest with and about my sexual attractions and NOT playing games with our Black women.  I think this Down Low stuff is dishonest and I look down on it.  Not because I think a man who is on the Down Low needs to be judged or condemned by the ALL MIGHTY, BUT BECAUSE OF THE DISHONESTY INVOLVED. It is that simple.  If any Black women want to come around me looking for an intimate relationship or physical intimacy, they will know right away I'm not available for that with them.  I think for a Black male homosexual, this is the Way to be.  Playing games with the emotions of our Beautiful Black women makes them resentful and not trusting of our men and causes more problems than we might imagine.

[More to come later. Don't turn that dial.]

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