Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have a strong suggestion.  It is important if you are Black, but ALL people, especially working people, the unemployed and the rest of us need to think about this.  Have you ever been in the Post Office and had to get back in line because you had to fill out some forms, applications or what-have-you?  You get back in front of the line and people's heads start to roll along with their eyes and they look at their watches.  You are saying to yourself, ``Well, I am ``allowed'' to get back up in line because I already waited once.''  Take the time to get in the back of the line and wait again.  You will be helping someone in that line lower their blood pressure, release stress and have a better day.  You will also be taking precious time for yourself to relax and bit.  People who don't have children never get to understand the importance of seeing a child grow up from a little baby to an adult.  Well, that's unless you are close to your nephews, nieces or other child relatives.  Sometimes we forget what a Blessed thing it is to have and raise children.  We HAVE to take the time to understand this because there is an ensuing battle over the future Black Mind and what goes into it and What doesn't go into it.  It is time for us to turn off our children's computer games and read a story to our children.  Even if that story is something very old like ``The Learning Tree,'' Which I loved as a child; or ``Man Child in the Promised Land,'' if the child is a bit older say 15 or 16.   Better yet, let the child read an old book themselves.  Turn off the TV and even the radio and ``discover'' your child for the first time.  Taking this time is important in your child's proper development and growth and it allows you to let your hair down and relax as well.  Instead of going to the fast food place for dinner and rushing back home [we should not be Russians because we are really North Americans--little joke], russing back home to watch TV and finding ourselves captivated by the mayhem on the small box--take time to talk to your husband or wife or significant other and your children about the events of their day and your day.  You will discover that they are worth the time and your level of understanding of your child and your appreciation of your mate will increase innumerably.  If you disagree with me please write me at BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com and let me know your views and opinions.

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