Monday, April 14, 2014

Support of Good Stores -- Surgical boycotts..

ALSO: On The Positive Side: Support for the Good Stores First!!!

We Should be finding good companies that are helping in our Revolutionary Movement to bring Peace Harmony and an end to Racial Strife to our world and working to bring on a better environment, and or more sustainability, women's and Gay & Lesbian Rights and or Union Rights and other positive and progressive issues such as:

The Spirit Food Store at 4505 Baltimore Avenue

Ben & Jerry's at 40th near Walnut Street

Brother Tracy Gibson &Assocites, Inc. via mail at: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-42878.

Green Line Cafe 45th and Locust Street -- bagals, ginger tea, yogurt etc.

Corporations [Nasty Ones] To Boycott--If You are Interested!!!


2] McDonald's

3] Coco Cola

4] British Petroleum

5] Chick Fillet

6] Monsanto

7] Exxon

I thank you for your cooperation and guidance.

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