Thursday, April 10, 2014

The New Ethics.

With the election of what has been touted in the media as a ``LIBERAL'' in Mr. Barack Obama, we have come to think, in some quarters, that anything goes. There was an attempt to pass pro-marijuana laws in several states; an open Lesbian was elected for the first time to the U.S. Senate; and; there is even talk of having Blacks elected to the Senate in the near future from Southern states--which would be a first since RECONSTRUCTION!!! Don't Stop Reading here!!!

This is all well and good [except I am NOT for the ratification of ANY bills that would further legalize marijuana except to accept its use in the house as opposed to in the street. I am still concerned about it being laced with other drugs that may be addictive or harmful and causing more harm than good. [I will have to update my position with the City of Philadelphia soon.].

I feel electing an open Lesbian to the U.S. Senate is reasonable and in fact a plus for the country, as long as she fully represents all corridors of the community -- and or state from which she was elected.Ms. Tammy Baldwin was elected as a Democratic candidate from Wisconsin in November of 2012 and has already been sworn into office. From an Internet CNN source, she said ``I didn't run to make history. I ran to make a difference.'' Advocacy groups have called the Baldwin victory ``a significant stride towards bringing diversity to the Senate'' and many gay, lesbian and transgendered people, including those of color, are very pleased and even amazed at the victory in the Senate which has a national reputation-- in some quarters--as being a Good Old Boy's Network and a place for `` stogy old White men'' to hold court. The times, they are a changing.

The scuttlebutt about a Black or two winning a seat in the Senate, in the future, from the Deep South, is only talk at this point. However, there are also people putting their heads together and looking over the numbers. They are looking at how the Tee Party won Primary Victories and saying ``Hay, wait a minute, those numbers are less than the numbers of Blacks who vote in general elections. If We can get the numbers of Black voters UP in say, Georgia or Mississippi, we can have a Black person elected as the Democratic candidate and make a real run for the U.S. Senate!!

This is NOT just some Lame Brain idea that only holds hot water in the Summer. This is real politics and it doesn't take some racist hokum like the tactic George H. W. Bush used in 1988 to ``scare out the vote nationally'' by using the Willie Horton [Born August 12, 1951] ads that frightened White voters away from Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis that year, a former governor of the state of Massachusettts... [Horton was a Black male, and a convicted felon at the time. While serving a life sentence for murder, without the possibility of parole, the convict was the beneficiary of a Massachusetts weekend furlough program. He did not return for the furlough program and ended up committing assault, armed robbery and rape.] This ``mistake'' [Dukakis granted the furlough while he was Governor of Massachusetts] ended up fueling the Right Wing victory for Bush that year as Bush used a vicious attack ad that placed the blame for Horton's behavior squarely on the back of the Democratic candidate for President--Dukakis.] * A copy of the actual winning Bush ad--that many Black people found degrading and racist--is not included in the research material on Wikipedia--at least that this reporter could tell. * Much of the information contained in the above paragraph was culled from Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopedia.

Bush [H. W.] won 426 electorial votes to Dukakis' 111 and handly defeated Dukakis in the popular vote, winning 53.4 percent to Dukakis' 45.6 percent. Bush [ H. W.] was able to successfully label Dukakis as ``soft on crime.'' A corney picture of Kukakis looking rather silly and out of place in a military tank didn't help matters among more pro-military voters for the Democratic candidate either. Bush [H .W.] had a shining military record that I am sure he touted that year.

This article is still being researched and written at this time [February, 19 2013 1:035 A.M.]

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